Pet Policy

Definition of “Pet”: A pet is defined as a domesticated animal kept for companionship or pleasure.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation: The hotel welcomes pets as a part of our guests’ families. Please note that only up to two pets are allowed in each room.

Pet Health Requirements: Guests with pets are required to bring a pet health booklet signed by a veterinary and the hotel reserves the right to request it at any time. Pets must be in good health, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and free of any contagious diseases.

Unacceptable Pets: Aggressive pets are not allowed and the hotel reserves the right to refuse service to guests with aggressive pets towards our staff or other guests.

Pet Sanitation: Guests are responsible for cleaning up their pet’s waste products inside and outside the property.

Leash and Monitoring: Pets must be kept on a leash or restricted in all public areas of the hotel and must be constantly monitored.

Disturbances: If a pet is left unattended and causes a disturbance, the hotel manager may issue a warning. Barking is also prohibited.

Quiet Hours: Guests with pets must comply with the hotel’s quiet hours policy. Barking or disturbing other guests may result in the guest being asked to remove the pet from the hotel.

Liability: Guests agree to indemnify and hold the hotel harmless from any claims, losses, damages, or expenses arising from the presence of their pet in the hotel.

Additional Charges: If damage occurs due to a pet, the guest will be informed of the amount owed to the hotel based on the extent of the damage. This includes irreversible damage to furniture, carpets, equipment, plumbing or electrical installations, and other objects.

Acceptance of Policy: By bringing a pet to the hotel, guests agree to comply with the hotel’s pet policy. Failure to comply may result in the guest being asked to remove the pet from the hotel.