Location & Activities

Vathi Hotel is situated 100 meters from the magical beach in Vathy and 10 km from Gythio, Peloponnese. The white sand which dives into crystal blue-green waters makes the beach ideal for swimming, taking walks, and enjoying various water sports available. The beach of Vathi is located between two hills, each dominated by a tower that reveals the history of Mani.

At the Vathy beach, you will find a beach café with sunbeds, as well as traditional taverns, to sample the excellent local Greek cuisine.

The location is also an ideal starting point for excursions to various spots in Laconia. Near the beach is a mini-market that offers any necessary goods that might be needed during your stay.

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Water Sports & Activities

Make the most of your beach vacation by combining relaxation and adventure at our hotel. Our strategic location near the beach makes it easy for you to enjoy a variety of water sports. We are proud to partner with SKOKOS SKI CLUB, a premier provider of water sports activities. As a guest of our hotel, you are entitled to a 10% discount on their services, including boat rentals and water ski lessons. 

13.7 km

Githeio is a town with great history located in the southern Peloponnese. As the myth says the town was founded by Hercules, the son of Jupiter and Alcmena and the name of the town means the land of Gods . Visiting the town of Githeio you can explore attractions such as Parthenagogio, the Archaeological Museum, located in the Town Hall, and the church of All Saints with a panoramic view of the Laconic Gulf.

21.5 km

Mani is located in the south of the Peloponnese and is an ideal choice for both sea and mountain lovers. Mani is a landscape of green and blue that captivate any visitor. Its combination of mountain scenery, breathtaking views, and sandy beaches makes it a perfect choice. While visiting there is also the chance to explore the traditional villages and tower-like houses.

Diros Caves
27.1 km

The Diros Caves is a cave complex of 3 caves in Diros and is one of the most significant natural sites in Greece. While visiting the region of Laconia, on the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula you can enjoy a trip back in time, to the Neolithic period when at one of the earliest inhabited places. Because of their rich history and captivating beauty, Diros Caves are definitely worth the visit.

Other Points Of Interest

Cranae – 11.9 km

Pasteli Manolakos – 12 km

Ancient Theatre – 12.1 km

Museum of Mani History – 12.1 km

Valtaki Beach – 16.5 km

Church of Taxiarhes – 16.9 km

Pikoulakis Tower House Museum – 16.9 km

Dimitrios Shipwreck – 19.4 km